A Buyer's Real Estate Agency With 43 Years of Hilton Head Real Estate Experience

About The Go Gated Real Estate Agency


Your Hilton Head Buyer's Real Estate Agency

  • We are Members of the Hilton Head Island MLS (Multiple Listing Service), active on Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Okatie and Hardeeville, SC.  We represent Buyers, not Sellers. 
  • Broker-in-Charge Richard Kadesch is the Gated Community Specialist® with 43 years of local real estate experience, also a former licensed South Carolina Home Builder.  
  • Our commission is already in the price of every listed property.  You pay nothing more to have a Buyer's Agent working for you.  We are only paid at closing if you buy and when you close.  

Your success is a team effort

Why Have a Buyer's Agent?

  • Every listed property has an Agent who works for the Seller.  A Buyer's Agent works for you, the Buyer to find the best home and community for you, to negotiate your best price and terms, to protect your interests and promote your success.
  • You pay nothing more than the price of the property to have a Buyer's Agent.  Our commission is already in the price of every listed property and new-build.  
  • The commission offered by the Seller is the same if you don't have a Buyer's Agent, have an inexperienced Agent or if you have Richard Kadesch and his team with 43 years of local real estate experience on your side with advice you can trust.    


Owner-Broker Richard Kadesch

Hello, my name is Richard Kadesch, the Gated Community Specialist®.

  • I have 43 years of Hilton Head real estate experience to help your success. 
  • I am a former Licensed South Carolina Home Builder. I love helping Buyers who build new homes. 
  • I lead a team of Attorneys, Inspectors and Contractors who work together at the highest professional level for your success.  
  • I'm from Winchester, Massachusetts, a 1972 Graduate of Colgate University, former Tennis Coach and Semi-Pro Tennis Player, golfer and general sports enthusiast, pet lover with six dogs and married to my wife, Linda.  We have lived in Bluffton for 7 years after living on Hilton Head Island for 36 years.